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Wirecard announces partnership with online gaming company Gameforge

Wirecard assumes credit card payment acceptance for the German-based free-to-play online gaming company Gameforge.

Gameforge game seen in a computer

Picture: Gameforge

Strong of a 450 million registered users base, Gameforge offers more than 20 games in 75 countries. Andreas Schulze, Director of Payments at Gameforge said: “The reason for our success lies in our continuous efforts to offer our active digital customers the best technology solutions and thereby maintain customer confidence. Thanks to Wirecard, we can also enable a smooth digital customer journey during the payment process.

In the frame of their new partnership, Wirecard will take full responsibility for credit card payments for a large target group. Boris Bongartz, Head of Sales Digital Goods at Wirecard said: “The online gaming market is an innovative and rapidly growing segment. As an established global innovation leader in the field of digital financial technology, we are delighted to support Gameforge with a flexible and secure payment service, thereby expanding our customer base in the online gaming industry.

The German online gaming industry currently registers a rapid growth, with approximately 2.1 million daily players and EUR 3.35 billion sales in 2017 , as reported by a VuMA survey.

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