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SIX Payment Services: Yesterday’s omni-channel strategy is tomorrow’s revenue loss

The transformation of the customer journey is accompanied by the transformation of the omni-channel strategy in retail. Retailers create additional touchpoints to connect with customers at the right time, in the right place, to reach out to new customers and build on existing relationships. The digital transformation provides the blueprint for new touchpoints that offer previously unimagined possibilities; including, for example:

  • Click and Collect: The customer orders and pays for goods online and picks them up at the store.
  • Click and Return: A consumer orders and pays for a product online. He gets it delivered home and can exchange it, after trying it, in the store. The amount will be automatically returned to the account used for payment - without having to bring his card with him.
  • Endless Aisle: Goods sold out at the store can be ordered on mobile devices or an information kiosk directly on site.

Thinkers stay competitive

To remain competitive and increase sales, it is important for companies to understand the purchasing behavior of their target audience and translate it into efficient, system-supported processes from merchandise management to payment. This is the only way to create a seamless shopping experience and to open up new opportunities for up- and cross-selling - such as spontaneous purchases that customers make while picking up their online orders at the store. At the same time, retailers with modern omnichannel concepts underpin their visionary position, increase customer satisfaction in both the point-of-sale and online store, and remain attractive to customers over the long-term by meeting their evolving needs.

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SIX Payment Services

SIX Payment Services provides financial institutions and merchants with secure, innovative services along the entire value chain of cashless payments. The customized solutions include the processing of national and international payments with credit, debit and prepaid cards. SIX Payment Services ensures the acceptance as well as the processing of card-based payments in Switzerland and internationally and, as market leader in Switzerland, Austria and Luxembourg, is one of the largest European processors of card transactions.
With around 1,100 employees at 10 locations worldwide, SIX Payment Services supports customers from 33 countries.


SIX operates the Swiss financial center infrastructure and offers comprehensive services worldwide in the areas of securities trading and settlement as well as financial information and payment transactions. The company is owned by its users (approximately 130 banks of various orientation and size) and, with more than 4,000 employees and presence in 25 countries, generated operating income of 1.8 billion Swiss francs in 2016 and a net profit of 221.1 million Swiss francs.

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