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Pizza Hut to introduce mobile payment to all its UK restaurants

Starting from March 19th, Pizza Hut will be launching MasterCard’s Qkr with Masterpass in its United Kingdom restaurants. Patrons will be able to pay through their smartphone, without requesting a bill from a waiter first, making the process 12 minutes faster on average.

MasterCards Labs developed the mobile ordering and payment platform Qkr to enable customers to order, pay and split bills from their mobile, avoid queues or waiting for a server. Masterpass, a global online payment service that speeds up checkout by storing the customer’s payment information, is featured in the app.

Keith Frimley, IT Director at Pizza Hut Restaurants said: “Rolling out Qkr is a fantastic opportunity for us to continue the innovation journey we are on as a brand. Over the last six years we have invested over £60m in transforming our restaurants and menu, and this allows us to continue to improve the service and experience we offer our guests as well as embracing technology, which has become so central to modern culture.

Other United Kingdom restaurants offering Qkr include wagamama, ASK Italian, Young’s Pubs, Zizzi, Byron, Bird, and gastropub chain New World Trading.

Consumers from North and South America, Australia, Ireland, Singapore, and South Africa also use the Qkr app for a variety of other functions. Some school partner with Qkr for lunches, uniforms or excursions payments. Bars and clubs offer their clients to run bar tabs without leaving their credit cards to the bartenders. Foods stands in sports arena were able to minimise queues by allowing for pre-orders. Furthermore, the app can be used to pay for parking, fuel, and self-service checkouts such as vending machines.

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