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One unified digital identity platform for Swiss consumers

Nine big companies are working hand in hand to enable Swiss consumers to use a single digital identity for their online transactions.

UBS, Credit Suisse, Swisscomm, Swiss Post, stock exchange operator SIX, Raiffeisen, Swiss Railways, Zuercher Kantonalbank and insurer Mobiliar are planning to create a joint venture in 2018. The platform, similar to those in Sweden, Norway and Denmark, will enable Swiss users to use a single login profile to order in shops, buy train tickets or do banking transactions.

As stated in the Press release : “A “SwissID” will allow Swiss people to navigate safely and securely through an increasingly digital world and to use online services more easily. Data protection is the highest priority: control over the way the data is utilized will always rest with the user, and data protection will be guaranteed at all times.

The government of Switzerland will collaborate to the project by certifying the identity of customers. New legislation, to be introduced by mid-2018, will facilitate the new digital ID system.

Together, the partners’ client base covers three quarters of the Swiss population. Tens of millions of Swiss francs will be invested in the project.

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