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Mobile Payment in the Travel Industry

The Article Summarized

In the travel industry, mobile payment is becoming more important. Most travel agencies have trouble designing mobile booking that functions well for their service - how can that be improved?

An ATBA study showed that 76% of Britons booked their vacations online in 2016. The PC remains the most commonly used device for booking, while 23% were booked on tablets and 13% on a smartphone. Within the 13% of those who booked using their smartphone, more than half (54%) agreed that booking through a mobile phone is more complicated than booking on a PC.

User Experience is Key

Today, as owning a smartphone is standard, there’s no good reason for why mobile booking should be this way. Booking a vacation should be as easy as ordering a pizza - an easy, enjoyable browser experience ending in a flawless checkout and satisfying results. Travel agencies should provide an easy to use and smooth-functioning mobile version of their website, or a mobile app that can also offer this high quality user experience.

A Smooth Process

With an efficient browsing experience, upselling is easier. That means the probability that customers who found the first booking experience to be pleasant are more likely to rent cars, purchase insurance and more on your website. The easier the process for the customer is, the faster they will make these decisions and purchase more from the travel business.

Uncomplicated Checkout

The checkout step has always been the biggest hurdle in a flawlessly smooth experience, as many mobile users worry about security risks when transferring money via their smartphone. Many payment options are missing from the mobile checkout experience for travel booking. In order to guarantee a successfully completed checkout process, security measures and many payment options should be available. In order to make the payment process more efficient and easier in the future, customers should be offered the possibility to save their payment data in a secure system on the website. Mobile payment booking and the payment process are expected to be a larger concern for travel agencies in the future, as smartphones are becoming an important aspect of daily life for more people every day.


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