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Lufthansa Group & cryptocurrencies

The leading German airline Lufthansa entered a content partnership with Swiss blockchain travel startup Winding Tree. Together, they will introduce blockchain technology into the travel industry.

Founded earlier this year, Winding Tree is an open-source travel distribution platform aiming at making travel cheaper for customers and more profitable for suppliers. Their B2B marketplace system fueling blockchain-based travel.

In the future, airlines, hotels and other travel service providers will offer their services on Winding Tree's platform, and companies interested in content will only connect to the B2B blockchain-distributed digital marketplace to present specific offers tailored to their customers' needs. This will result in a large number of new apps for travelers, who will then be able to book Lufthansa Group flights via the offer that best suits their preferences,Lufthansa said in their press release.

On November 1st, Winding Tree will be launching its own cryptocurrency, “Líf”. Lufthansa announced that, after the currency has passed regulatory clearance from Swiss authorities, it would participate in the presale.

Maksim Izmaylov, Founder and CEO of Winding Tree, shed some light on the meaning of their new partnership, saying: “The partnership with the Lufthansa Group will allow us to build blockchain-based travel apps which not only adhere to the requirements of airlines but we will be able to test these with Europe's largest airline, further validating the efficiency and scalability of the platform. Lufthansa Group is setting an example for the travel industry,” as reported in Lufthansa’s press release.

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