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Iris recognition tech in vending machines

EyeLock is integrating its embedded iris recognition technology into ViaTouch Media’s auto-retail solution.

VICKI is an IoT, self-checkout solution for retail, powered by artificial intelligence and implementing secure transactions and access control. EyeLock’s biometric technology is embedded directly into the machine and the total solution is integrated and operable with First Data’s online payment networks. Dual-iris authentication method produces one of the lowest false acceptance rate (1 in 1.5 million) in the biometric field.

The retailing system can recognize and authenticate customers. It acts as a virtual clerk, learning their preferences and acting on them. VICKI is equipped with smart shelves, which recognize products and quantities placement, as well as which products consumers look at, take or put back.

With a multitude of innovations included in this machine, the addition of EyeLock iris authentication technology creates an even greater separation between VICKI and current vending solutions,” said Jeff Carter, EyeLock CEO. “In particular, it provides a level of security significantly greater than fingerprint or facial recognition.

The solution is available now and initial deployments will be on ViaTouch machines launched on university campuses, in hotels and hospitals as well as select retail partners.

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