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Ingenico Move/2500 B third generation biometric POS

Ingenico group announced the launch of their third generation biometric POS, compliant to the latest PCI standards. The Move/2500 B, is a portable terminal featuring fingerprint authentication.

We are pleased to introduce the Move/2500 B, our third generation biometric POS, designed to support financial inclusion scenarios as well as innovative payment schemes in mature markets.” said Frédéric Lepeintre, VP Marketing of the Banks and Acquirers BU at Ingenico Group. “The launch of the Move/2500 B illustrates Ingenico Group’s commitment towards reaching the two billion people excluded from financial services. It also demonstrates our ability to adapt to new regulatory frameworks and consumer demand for fingerprint authentication.

Ingenico Move/2500 B POS terminal

Pictures: Ingenico Group

The Move/2500 B addresses traditional financial inclusion needs to reach the unbanked population as well as local governmental schemes. For example, soon, all POS in India will have to provide fingerprint authentication. In Mexico, the Move/2500 B could be used to verify the identity of loan applicants, an obligation Mexican banks face for all applicants. The recognition, by EMVco, of fingerprints as a Customer Verification Method could encourage new global schemes, increasing the interest in biometrics in mature markets.

PCI-v5 and STQC compliant, Ingenico’s latest portable POS terminal is secure and cost efficient. The system supports all payment methods and schemes relying on national ID programmes. Its fingerprint sensor, the market leader, fulfils FBI standards.

The Move/2500 B will be launched in India in June 2018, and then in the Middle East.

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