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Gift cards: ALDI partners with Wirecard

ALDI Nord and ALDI SÜD introduce their own gift cards and expand their current offers with an e-money product, in a partnership with Wirecard.

Linked with bank services, the new software technologies will cover gift cards, including e-money cards, in both physical and online shops. All ALDI branches throughout Germany will be accepting the gift cards as payment method. Customers will be able to purchase the cards directly at checkout, choosing for different denomination gift cards.

“More and more of our customers have been asking us when we will finally start selling ALDI gift cards in addition to those of other brands. It seems that a lot of our customers are fans of the brand – they are really enthusiastic about it and would like to receive a gift card”, said Natascha Vrchoticky, Communications Director Customer Relationship Management at ALDI SÜD, as reported in Wirecard’s Press Release.

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