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Black Friday predictions & Ecommerce

It is well known: the holiday season and shopping go hand in hand. Periscope by McKinsey just published their report “Black Friday 2017 Shopping Report: Consumer sentiment is riding high”.

44% of American and 81% of British consumers declared intending to shop more on Black Friday 2017. In comparison, only 26% of US and 22% of UK shoppers were intended to shop on that day in 2016, with respectively 23% and 30% being undecided. Surprisingly, 37% of British shoppers and 25% of American shoppers claim to enjoy Black Friday shopping more. Exclusive seasonal offers, 37% in the US and 31% in the UK, as well as substantial rebates, 36% and 48%, were often cited by shoppers.

As e-commerce is gaining popularity, it is called to play a bigger role in Black Friday shopping frenzy. Periscope reports that 36% (US) and 31% (UK) of consumers plan to do their Black Friday shopping both online and in-store, a strong boost from last year’s 18% and 11%. Online shopping will mostly be made through desktop computers, 35% (US) and 45% (UK). Nearly a third of British (30%) and over a quarter of American interviewee plan to make Black Friday purchases on their desktops. Overall, in-store shopping remains, in 2017, more popular than its digital counterpart, preferred by 28% of US and 17% of UK shoppers.

Shopping online allows 48% (UK) and 33% (US) of consumers to browse more products categories. Another sign that shoppers are particularly enthousiast about this year’s Black Friday, 36% of British and 27% of American shoppers declared having a bigger shopping budget than last year.

Preferred products categories are, respectively in the US and UK:
• Consumer electronics: 58% and 52%
• Clothing: 54% and 52%
• Shopping for Movies, Books and Music: 33% and no data for the UK
• Beauty and Fragances: No data for US and 42% in the UK.
• Toys: 32% and 35%
• Grocery and Beverages: 10% and 20%

Wordline launches YUMI

The new payment device, which brings physical and online commerce together, is customisable to the retailer’s brand.

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