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Payment methods

Instalment purchase

Find out how instalment purchase can help you increase your conversion rate and attract new customers.


How will Bitcoin develop?

Interview with Gero Weber, investor and expert on cryptocurrencies, about the opportunities and risks of cryptocurrencies.


Online Payment Systems

Find out which payment systems are the most popular on the internet and understand the pros and cons of each.


Credit Cards

Credit card payments are becoming more popular online. Find out which advantages and disadvantages this method has and what you should take into consideration.


Prepaid Cards

The alternative to credit cards is prepaid cards. Find out what sets this method apart from others.


Debit cards

Debit cards are an integral part of daily payment transactions. Find all important information about them here.


Direct Debit

The debit system is still an extremely popular method of payment. Find out what you have to take into consideration when offering this payment method.



How do digital wallets, or e-wallets, differ from traditional payment systems? ✓Advantages ✓Disadvantages ✓Google Pay ✓Apple Pay ✓Android Pay


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