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Which payment methods are in trend?

The absence of their favorite payment method might push customer to abandon a transaction at the last moment. Therefore, merchants should be very wary in selecting the portfolio of payment methods offered. What types of payment do online merchants need to offer to avoid cart abandonment and increase their conversion rate?

Which payment systems do customers want?

According to the ECC Payment Study Vol. 21, 40 percent of consumers stop shopping if the preferred payment method is not offered. It is therefore essential for online retailers to know the payment preferences of their customer target group. Meanwhile, consumers in e-commerce often have a broad overview of current payment methods. On average, every consumer has already used 6.2 different payment methods. The most popular payment methods of online shoppers are the purchase on account, PayPal and direct debit. Users express a clear preference for e-wallet giant PayPal, mostly attributable to positive experiences and swiftness.
A huge selection of payment methods exists. Here is a short overview of the most frequently offered payment methods.

Most popular payment methods

The most popular payment methods on the market are currently credit cards (e.g. Visa, MasterCard), debit cards, advance payment, pay on delivery, online cash payment (e.g., online transfer (e.g. Sofort or Paydirekt), direct debit, E -Wallets (e.g. PayPal), Invoice Purchase and Amazon Pay.

Credit card

The credit card is one of the most common payment methods on the Internet. For this reason, many online retailers rely on this payment method. The best-known brands are Visa and MasterCard.

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Debit card

A debit card can be used for withdrawing cash at the ATM and for cashless payment. Unlike credit cards, the current account of the cardholder is charged immediately or within a few days.

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Advance payment

When paying in advance, the buyer is initially required to pay the purchase price. Only then will the contractual goods / services be delivered.

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Amazon Pay

Amazon Pay allows the use of the data stored on to pay on third-parties websites of (i.e. not Amazon) for goods and services. The user has the advantage of not disclosing any payment details and not having to incur any additional costs.

Online cash payment

This payment method allows customers to place orders online at home before paying for them in cash at various participating supermarkets.

Bank transfer

Online direct transfer procedures are based on classic online banking. In Germany, the best known online transfer method are SOFORT and Paydirekt. The payment process of Paydirekt is based on the current account and online banking of the user. The payment method is relatively safe as the data remains with the customer's bank.


E-wallets allow users to deposit credit on an electronic platform and use it to make payments for goods and services on the Internet. The most popular e-wallet is PayPal.

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When purchasing an invoice, the customer receives an invoice with a payment request. After the goods have been delivered, the invoice will be paid by bank transfer.

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Direct debit

For purchases requiring installment and subscription options, direct debit is often offered as a payment method.

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Merchants wishing to expand their business and sell goods in other countries have to take into consideration the peculiarities of the destination countries. Translating their existing shop in other languages is not enough to insure success. Other countries often have different customs and other payment preferences. These must be discussed and offered. Here is a short overview of some difference between European countries.

Austria, Switzerland, France, Great Britain, Czech Republic - Where are the differences?

In Austria, invoice purchase is particularly popular. Most consumers prefer to pay after delivery. The purchase by credit card is also common. Swiss people also buy mainly on invoice. Unlike Austria, however, the credit card usage is significantly lower. If only prepayment is offered as a payment method at checkout, most customers will cancel the purchase. In France, credit card payments are the most widely used method of payment. As an alternative, PayPal is also quite popular. The payment security for mail order is relatively high, as advance payment is common. In the United Kingdom, the market focuses on three payment methods: credit card, debit card and PayPal. Similarly, credit cards dominate the market in Czech Republic. Mobile payment via tablet or smartphone come in at a close second. Bank transfers and other payment methods occupy a small market share.

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